Embracing the Art of Coding: Unveiling Haiku Academy, Formerly Tortuga Coders

Dear community members,

I am delighted to announce that we are evolving, and with that evolution comes a change in our name. As of today, our coding bootcamp, formerly known as Tortuga Coders, will now be known as Haiku Academy. This transition is not just a change in title; it is a reflection of our growth, our commitment to a more encompassing vision, and the values that inspire our work.

Haiku, as many of you may know, is a form of traditional Japanese poetry that encapsulates a moment, a feeling, or a scene within just a few simple lines. This form of expression, while minimalistic, possesses a potent beauty and depth of thought that can touch the core of our understanding. It evokes clarity, brevity, and elegance; much like the art of coding itself.

Much like a haiku, we believe that good programming is both an art and a science; a process that requires precision, simplicity, and a keen eye for aesthetics. Each line of code should be crafted carefully, like a poem, to efficiently serve its purpose while fitting seamlessly into the broader context of the program. Our name change to Haiku Academy is a testament to our belief in this philosophy.

Just as the haiku poet conveys a world of meaning within a few lines, we aim to empower our students to create vast digital landscapes with clean, efficient code. We want to educate not just proficient coders, but coding artists – individuals who can envision and realize complex projects with a focus on elegance and efficiency.

Furthermore, the structure of a haiku – the balance between its 5-7-5 syllabic form – reflects our belief in balance within the world of programming. Balance between logic and creativity, practicality and innovation, learning and application. As Haiku Academy, we are more committed than ever to fostering an environment where these aspects exist in harmony.

Lastly, just as every haiku is unique and conveys a different sentiment, we believe in embracing and celebrating diversity within our community. We welcome people from different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, confident that this mix is what fuels groundbreaking innovation.

We are excited about our journey as Haiku Academy and hope you share in our enthusiasm. While our name has changed, our mission remains the same: to provide a comprehensive and immersive learning experience for those looking to dive into the world of coding. We look forward to continuing our journey under this new banner and are excited to see the remarkable creations our students will produce.

Thank you for your support and for being part of our journey. We look forward to seeing you at Haiku Academy.

Best Regards,

Tony Russo
CEO, Haiku Academy






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